Valentine Week Special Best Collection Of Valentine Day Status, Wishes, Greetings, For Girl Friend & Friends

Rose Day: 7 Feb

Rose Day
Valentine Week Special:-

Rose day is the first day of valentines week. On this Rose Day, Love Couples share Roses to each other. All over the world, Rose Day is celebrated on Feb 7th.

Propose Day: 8 Feb

propose Day Image

Propose Day Greeting

Propose Day is the second day in valentines week. On this day many love couples propose each other and many people are waiting for propose day to propose their crush, lovers, and wives. And Propose Day is on Feb 8th

Chocolate Day: 9 Feb

chocolate day

Chocolate Day is the third day in valentines week list. Girls like Chocolate day. On this day Boys meet their girlfriends and surprises with sweet chocolates. Chocolate Day is on Feb 9th.

 Teddy Day: 10 Feb

teddy day

Teddy Day

Teddy Day is the fourth day in valentines week list. This day is also for girls who likes teddy bears a lot. On this day Boys present Teddy as a gift to their girlfriends. Teddy day is on Feb 10th.

Promise Day: 11 Feb

Propose Day

Promise Day Special

Promise Day is the fifth day in valentines week list. On this day couples promise to do something or to stop something. On this day both the couples, boys and girls will do promise. Promise Day is on Feb 11th.

Hug Day: 12 Feb

Hug Day

Hug Day

Hug Day is 7th and last day before Valentine’s day. This is also the most favorite day to all the lovers. In the name itself, we can understand on this day couples share hugs to each other.

Kiss Day: 13 Feb

kiss day greeting

Kiss day

Kiss Day is the sixth day in Valentine’s week list. Kiss day is the most favorite day for many couples. On this day couples kiss to each other. Kiss Day is on Feb 13th.

Valentine Day: 14 Feb

Valentine Day

Valentine Day Special Greeting